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You have one set of audio speakers and multiple computers? You have many users? You want to control your playlist from a browser or your mobile device? Than you're finally at home!

maracuyá jukebox is an audio player that can be controlled from a browser. You need one machine where you can dump all your music and let all users control it from their own desktops! You can have unlimited number of songs and playlists.

And when you want to share your music with your friends in another location, all you need to do is take your portable drive with maracuyá jukebox on it and it will just work.

Imagine you have a party where all your guests can be djs thanks to maracuyá jukebox!



With embedded sqlite database for files indexing you can share your music using a simple pendrive.


With pen drive support you can take your music anywhere and share it with your friends. There's no need to copy files between different machines - after plugging your pendrive everything will work as expected.

Remote control

You can control flow of your playlist using just a web browser. Once maracuyá jukebox is running just type your servers ip address into url bar and it's all there. But wait - you don't need computer at all. maracuyá jukebox can be controlled from any mobile device (both iOS and Android)


All modern browsers are supported - IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

maracuyá jukebox can run on any desktop platform - Windows/Linux/Mac. On linux platform currently only ALSA is supported.


Do not hasitate to support us in further development.
Thanks a lot!